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 Angies List Member   Overall A

Awesome, super professional people.

Description of work: Whole house generator and entire HVAC replacement

  • Category: Electrical. Heating/AC, Generator
  • Cost: $15000
  • Work Completed Date: 07/06/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 07/06/2017 Luke P.

Angies List Member   Overall A

Great work done and reasonably priced. Everyone was very helpful from the time I made the appontment.  I would definitely use them again.

Description of work: I extended my kitche island and needed electrical added for a beverage fridge, an additional pendant light and an additional outlet to the side of the new cabinet.

  • Category: Electrical, Lighting
  • Cost: $500
  • Work Completed Date: 06/30/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 06/30/2017 Nicole S.

 Angies List Member   Overall A

Technician arrived as scheduled and fixed the problems.  He was very professional and answered all my questions. Oak Electric had previosly installed our whole house generator the their work was excellent.  Would not hesitate to call tehm in the future.

Description of work: Light fixture and light switch repair

  • Category: Electrical. Lighting, Generator
  • Cost: $300
  • Work Completed Date: 05/18/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 06/14/2017 J. B

Angies List Member  Overall A

The price was good too! They were one of the best prices.  They come back every yeare to service it.

Description of work: They installed a generator

  • Category: Generator
  • Cost: $8200
  • Work Completed Date: 05/01/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 05/12/2017 Michael P.

  Angies List Member   Overall   A 

Perfectly. Everyone I dealt with from Oak Electric was courteous,  professional and explained everything as the installation progressed.  

Description of work: Full- House Generator

  • Category: Electrical, Generator
  • Work Completed Date: 04/13/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 04/27/2017 - Laura T.

Angies List Member   Overall A

 Excellent job. Very professional, Competitive pricing.

Description of worGenerator installation

  • Category: Electrical, Generator
  • Work Completed Date: 10/19/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 05/11/2017 Odette J.

Made it thru Storm. 

A huge thank you to the employees of Oak Electric, especially installation techs Brett and Alex, salesman Bob M, and office A.P. Amy!  I just wanted to let you  know, that because of the great job you did for us, we were able to get through the great Michigan power outage of 2017 :)) with ease.

 I had no problems whatsoever starting our portable generator and using the manual generator interlock in our new electrical panel.  For the four days we were off of the DTE electrical grid, I was able to start, stop, and restart the generator system numerous times without incident.  A special thanks goes out to Brett and Alex who took the time to educate me on how the new system worked, as well as perform a test run.  When the time came to use the new system, two weeks later, I felt like an old pro using it.  You are all a Godsend!  Both my husband and I agree that the best decision we ever made was to choose Oak Electric Service, Incorporated to do our electrical work.  God's blessings to you all, and thank you once again.  Sincerely --- Diane D.

- Diane D. Troy MI

 Angies List Member   Overall A

I was a bit concerned that adding a generator would cause a "tacked on" look with obvious cables and piping running across my basement ceiling. but I was very pleased with the job Oak Electric did.  I didn't like the idea of them making a T on my gas service which is near my front door, so they made the connection inside the wall where it doesn't show. 

They also carefully routed the gas and cabling though the ceiling joists such that they are hard to notice.  Travis and his crew took off their shoes each time they entered my house, and kept me informed as to when the gas and power would be affected.  I do not hesitate to recommend Oak Electric and expect to call them back for their electrical work.

Description of work:  Supply and install 16kw Gnerac Generator

  • Category: Electrical Generator
  • Cost $8,000
  • Work Completed Date 02/22/2017
  • Hire Again:  Yes

- 04/24/2017 - Michael R.

 Angies List Member  Overall A

Prompt, Courteous and clean work.  Would hire them any day. Trustworthy!

Description of work:Installing electrical fans and outlets

  • Category: Electrical, Lighting, Ceiling Fans
  • Cost: $400
  • Work Completed Date: 02/27/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 03/31/2017 Sabry M

  Angie's List Member   Overall  A

The whole experience was Great! They expertly guided us through the process of what we needed, the permit, what to expect from the gas company, installation and instructions.  The office staff, installers and sales person where all very knowledgable and informative,  They were always available for our questions and responded promptly.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Description of work: We replaced our generator, which also involved ne electrical panel and gas meter

  • Category: Electrical, Generators
  • Work Completed Date: 03/17/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 3/23/17 Maureen A.

Angies List Member  Overall   A They are timely and very professional. I would highly recommend them.

Description of work: Whole house generator, upgraded electrical service panel and whole house surge protector were installed in 2010. They do yearly maintenance on generator and respond promptly to questions.

- 03/05/2017 – Denise Hammond, West Bloomfield

 Angies List Member   Overall  A

On time and work performed promptly

Description of work:
Annual whole house generator maintenance.

  • Category: Electrical, Generator, Generators
  • Cost: $240
  • Work Completed Date: 01/06/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 03/07/2017 – Robert Jewell, Farmington Hills

 Angies List Member   Overall   A Work done as expected

Description of work: installed generator, garbage disposal, and comfort toilet

  • Category: Generator
  • Work Completed: 03/02/2017
  • Hire Again:  Yes

- 03/02/2017 – Geraldine Chenault, Oak Park

Angies List Member   Overall   A We were very pleased with the service we received from Oak. We have had them out to do preventative maintenance on our generator to keep it in tip top shape.

Description of work: We had Oak Electric upgrade our home's electrical panel, install a home surge protector, install a whole house smoke detector system required for a renovation. We even had them run cable for our TV's. We were so pleased that we had them install a whole house generator. We are glad we did, now we never have to deal with power outages.

- 02/24/2017 – Kevin Wisely, Clarkston

Angies List Member  Overall   A Everything was completed as contracted.  The crew was on time, did the wok, explained how the generator would turn on and off, and cleaned uo when complete.  Very professional and Oak continures to stay in touch to ensure our maintenance is completed at regular intervals.

Description of work: Installation of a whole-house generator and new electrical panel. In addition continue to provide scheduled maintenance.

  • Category:  Electrical, Generator
  • Cost: $8000
  • Work Completed Date: 09/30/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 02/11/17 Christopher Bailey Bloomfield Hills

Angies List Member  Overall   A Perfectly, they were every professional.

Description of work: Installed 11kw generator with all necessary plumbing and electrical work. They also took care of all permit considerations required by Orion Township.

  • Category: Electrical, Generator
  • Cost: $6200
  • Hire Again: Yes
  • Work Completed: 12/08/2016

- 01/26/2017 – Paul Briercheck, Orion Township

I am sending you this short note of appreciation of Oak Electric services. From the time that Gary came to the property to review the work to be performed and gave me an estimate of the cost of the installed generator, to the install yesterday, the entire team was exemplary in their professionalism and courtesy!

I will be very pleased to recommend your company to any prospective customers.
Have a great day!

- James, Fort Gratiot, 20kW Generac Generator Installation

 Angies ListMember: May 28, 2014

Electrical Work Hire Again: Yes,Approximate Cost: $199.00: Put in a new 3 prong plug connection to my new electric clothes dryer.Member Comments: Very prompt. Although a little more expensive, I really feel comfortable when they are finished. This is the 2nd job they have completed for me. They are professionals and I trust their work!

- Leo D., Southfield

Angies List Member  Overall   A The installation and advise was excellent.

Description of work: solar panels were installed and hooked to the grid. All the paper work was completed by Oak electric and the installation was flawless.

  • Work Completed Date: 12/16/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 12/16/2016 – Donald Newlin, Shelby Twp.

Angies List Member  Overall   A No complaints, came on time, installed without any issues.

Description of work: Installation of photovoltaic system (solar panels, chargers, inverters and battery pack)

  • Category:  Electrical, Solar Panels
  • Work Completed Date: 09/01/2016
  • Cost: $30,000
  • Hire Again: Yes
- 12/30/2016 – Uwe Kirberg, St. Joseph, MI

Angies List Member  Overall   A The team from Oak Electric was on time, professional, friendly and informative. I would HIGHLY recommend Oak Electric for home generator installation and service.

Description of work: Whole home generator installation.

  • Category:  Generator
  • Work Completed Date: 11/17/2016
  • Cost: $10300
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 12/13/2016 – William Long, Whitmore Lake

 Angies ListMember: November 14, 2013 

Hire Again: Yes,Approximate Cost:   $10,000.00,Description Of Work:  generator.electric panel, Member Comments:   Well done, I would recommend you call Oak Electric and get a Standby generator and never be out of power again.

- Sultana G., West Bloomfield

Angies List Member  Overall   A The whole process went very well. I requested several quotes from competing suppliers. Oak Electric's quote was the lowest with the best warranty offered. The level of detail provided in the quote package was very goos and appreciated by this engineer. They knew their stuff also. I had asked questions not typically asked by most home owners and the sales man, also a Master Electrician answered all of my technical questions except one - and they got back to me the next day with the answer. They explained the whole process including the need to upgrade gas meter. We ran into a few issues with Consumers Power (gas supplier) and Oak was right there with me in assisting with advice on how to work around some of the silliness with Consumers Power. After the gas meter was upgraded, they were out within two weeks time to do the install. The install took 3 electricians the whole day. I had the switch box mounted outside. Each guy worked on a different aspect of the installation but peer reviewed each other's work. Being an aircraft engineer, I am meticulous when it comes to wire routing and securing. Although they did a good job in that regard, I would have made sure my wire runs were more straight and clamps installed at equal distances for better uniformity of the install. Power was off for about 3 hours which is what they said it would take for the transfer switch hook up and wiring to be completed. No big deal. Once the unit was completely installed, one of the tech's walked me through the system and explained how to manual starts and shutdowns on the generator, how to locate fault codes, how to do resets, check the oil and etc. A power demonstration was completed with no faults and the unit was put into service. The crew picked up after themselves and secured all open boxes. Oak sent another inspector out to do a secondary inspection in a few days to very the installation prior to the arrival of the township inspector. The Oak Electric inspector stayed with the township inspector during the entire inspection. No issues were found. One of the features I really like is the mobil link feature allowing me to monitor the state of the generator on my smart phone from anywhere. This also allows Oak Electric to monitor the unit so the know first hand if an issue or fault has occurred. I would highly recommend Oak Electric for any service or installation that they do. Class A operation.

Description of work: A 22KW whole house Generac generator along with an automatic transfer switch was installed.

- 12/08/2016 – Mike Harness, Waterford MI

Angies List Member  Overall   A Everything was delivered and installed as promised. I was very pleased.

Description of work: Installation of a whole-house generator.

  • Category:  Electrical, Generator
  • Cost: $7000
  • Work Completed Date: 11/04/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 12/06/2016 – Louis Marchesi, White Lake, MI

Angies List Member  Overall   A As always, the project will go great. I like the fact that they are so knowledgeable, clean and also respectful of your home.

Description of work: We have used Oak Electric for years. Anything from a generator to light fixtures being installed. Bob has been amazing working around special circumstances in our home. And for that we are so grateful. They are getting ready to install a new bath heater, light and night light in our master bath.

  • Category: Electrical, Heating & A/C, Lighting, Remodeling - General, Alarms, Generator
  • Work Completed Date: 12/05/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 12/05/2016 – Ann Vann, Bloomfield Hills

Angies List Member  Overall   A Went as planned. We are very happy and can't wait for the next power outage.

Description of work: Installation of a whole home generator.

  • Category: Electrical, Generator
  • Cost: $10000
  • Work Completed Date: 10/18/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

- 11/16/2016 – Mark Younger, Metamora, MI

Imagine the best contractor you've ever had in your house: He's on time, respectful of your property, works diligently, is very polite, knows what he's doing, and doesn't make you crazy -- even though YOU may make HIM crazy! This is a description of Russ, who did a variety of electrical jobs at our home on May 1-2, 2014. Thank you.

- Sincerely, Dick and Kate E. Bloomfield Hills

I am writing to let you know of the excellent service that your team provided us on Sunday.


Late last Saturday (12/19) night Janice and I came home from an evening out.  As we walked into the house we smelled gas.  After checking to see if the gas range top was on.  It was not. We checked the other gas appliances and all seemed fine. We then called Consumers. The Consumers rep came out and found a gas leak on the line to the generator. To stop the leak he needed to turn off the gas at the meter.  So there was no heat.

Sunday Morning (12/20)

I called your 24/7 emergency line and left a message.  Lisa returned the call within one hour.  She said she would find a service technician and send him out.  Within 45 minutes Roger called to say he was on his way from Howell and that he would be there within the hour.  Roger arrived and said he would take care of the issue.  Within a short time he had taken apart and repacked the gas shutoff valve to the generator, checked the connections to the other gas appliances to make sure there were no other leaks and had the gas on again so that the heat was back on.

Excellent Service and Excellent Representative of Oak Electric

Roger Emerson and Lisa were courteous, kind and efficient representatives of Oak Electric.  They assessed the situation quickly and accurately did the right things and were very respectful and nice while providing the service we needed. Your team shined again. 

Thank you and all the folks we have dealt with over the years at Oak Electric. You are a top service provider and we will continue to recommend Oak Electric to friends and family.

Wishing you, Roger and Lisa a Merry Christmas and an Electric New Year!

- Jeff and Janice Loyal Customers since 2011

Our Generac generator was installed Friday, 07/11/14. The installation team consisted of Josh, Brian, and Dane. We are totally satisfied with the installation and with our interaction with the team.
We received a call, in advance of their arrival, they arrived on time, and worked in a very efficient and professional manner. Josh provided an overview of the installation and estimates of timing, including the time that we would be without power to the house. Everyone answered any questions in a personable manner. Before their departure, the yard and basement was cleaned up, with no clutter left behind.
We would recommend Oak Electric to our friends.

- Bill & Marilyn

I wanted to thank you and your crew for the great job on our electrical updates. Your staff demonstrates a professionalism that is above and beyond what I expected and we are very happy to have had the chance to work with Oak Electric. We would be happy to provide a testimonial or referral if it’s ever needed.
Have a great weekend and thanks again!

- Meagan B. ARRInsurance

Lisa, please let Tim and his boss know what a pleasure it was having him attack our "honey do" list. Our experiences with Oak have been "5 Star".

- Cheryl W

Angies ListMember,  March 31, 2015

Description Of Work: Installed a 22kw Generac generator, replaced old pushmatic electrical panels with a new panel

Member Comments: We went with Oak Electric after asking friends for generator installation company recommendations - everyone raved about their Oak Electric installation and service. Oak was very busy since we contacted them right after major outages so we did wait a few months after the quote for the actual work to be done.  Their employees were very professional and knowledgeable.  Every time they encountered an obstacle - typically related to the permit requirements - Oak came up with effective solutions to get the job done and approved. We did have a situation a few weeks ago on a Sunday where the generator had an alert.  We contacted the emergency number and got a quick response which was very impressive.  We have recommended Oak to others who have also had great experiences. We are happy that we went with Oak Electric - we are covered for the next power outage AND we\'ve increased our home value.

- Jenifer and John K., Bloomfield Hills

Hi Gary, I just wanted to comment on your crew and the work they did at my house yesterday.......In one word it was amazing...Your employees were neat, clean and what they installed looks perfect. Thank You for the great service....

- Michael W | Executive Vice President, Mercury Promotions

Angies ListMember: January 30, 2014
Electrical Work, Hire Again:   Yes Approximate Cost:  $6,000.00 Description Of Work:   Delivered and installed a whole house generator.Member Comments: They were terrific. Called ahead that they were on their way. Arrived on time. And installed the generator in the period of time they said it would take. They cleared the snow away from the house and put down a pad for the generator. Their work was impeccable. Josh and his crew were very professional and efficient. I cannot say enough positive things about their workmanship. 

- Eric P E., Clarkston