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Fire Prevention


See The Safety Benefits of Arc Fault Breakers in Your Home – It’s All About Safety! Home electrical problems accounted for an estimated 67,800 fires and $868 million in property losses in 2003. Electrical fires also cause an estimated 485 deaths annually and inure 2,300 more individuals.

Safety Compliant – We provide safety topics and require monthly safety training meetings for all employees! Safety Compliance.pdf

Additional Safety Certifications:

  • Forklift Certification
  • Fall Protection Certification
  • Lockout-Tagout Certification

The National Fire Protection Association reports that home electrical problems account for an estimated 53,600 fires and $1.4 billion in property losses each year. And fire is not the only danger. Each year hundreds of people in the US are electrocuted in their own homes.

The good news is that many home electrical fires and electrocutions can be prevented by using more up-to-date technology and by recognizing warning signs.

Let Oak Electric Provide an Electrical Safety Inspection and Offer Suggestions to Keep You and Your Family Safe!

Free Safety Inspection While on Your Job!

  • Visual Inspection of Service Panels
  • Visual Inspection of Main Service Cables
  • Visual Inspection of Ground System
  • Check Panel for Stickers
  • Inspection & Test GFCI Receptacles
  • Surge Protection Options
  • Economy or Eaton (lifetime guarantee & 75,000 warranty)
  • Check Location & Test Smoke Detectors
  • Provide Energy-Saving Ideas
  • Arc- Fault Breaker - Safety Benefits

Don't Get Zapped!!!

  • Look for the License: It might be tempting to let the tile guy relocate your bathroom outlet since is already torn up -- but it is not recommended. The slightest mistake can leave you with a big fire hazzard!
  • Flip the Switch: A homeowner should never work on live circuits, turn off the main breaker. Small mistakes can equal big fire hazzards -- it is always best to hire a licensed electrician.
  • Set the Time: Install digital timers to your outdoor fixtures -- save money on your electric bill.
  • Meltdown: If a wire looks tarnished or melted in your electrical panel, it could be due to a loose connection. Call a licensed electrician!
  • Livesaving Interruption: Have a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) installed if you have an outlet near a potential moisture source.

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Electrical Safety Foundation


“Keep Your Family Safe...Use a Licensed Electrician.”


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